The Leadership Studies program engages students in the formal study of leadership as a phenomenon that students observe, reflect on, and participate in. Students will become familiar with the practice and consequences of leadership in a variety of cultural and historical contexts. Empirical research, reflective inquiry, critical thinking, and the analysis of leadership theory, research, and practice are integral to the Leadership Studies program. While Leadership Studies are based in the social sciences, curricular initiatives will include interdisciplinary contributions from the arts, humanities, sciences, and applied and professional studies.

Student Testimonials


"The LDST minor taught me skills and theories that have helped me when working in groups, community partners, and empowering others to make healthy changes in their life."

Class of 2018

"To me leadership is not about the label of being a leader, but rather the actions you do to become one. I am most proud of stepping out of my comfort zone and getting involved during my time at WWU."

Class of 2018
Leadership Student Jaxon class of Spring 2024

"I chose Western specifically for the Leadership minor. Not many students realize the kinds of opportunities that this minor can provide regardless of its size. In just a couple of short years  everyone I’ve met within the program strives to make this school and community a better place for everyone."

Class of 2024

"I got involved in Western's Leadership program during my first year of college. The program allowed me to work closely with professors, students, community members, mentors, department heads, and more to advocate for the success of first-year Latinas and women engaging with the program"

Class of 2020

"I value diversity, inclusivity, and equity. Throughout my experience as a LDST minor became the leader I wanted to become, by incorporating transformational leadership into my own leadership style.”

Class of 2019
Person smiling

"I chose to get involved in the Leadership Minor in hopes of gaining the experience to be the best possible candidate for jobs as a woman in STEM. But I fell in love with the way that theory and concepts were taught and got as involved as possible with the Morse Leadership Institute. I can’t recommend this program enough, ask my friends! "


Program Objectives

Students in Leadership Studies will develop knowledge in the following areas of study:

  • the definition of and impact of leadership
  • the cultural and contextual forces that influence leadership processes and outcomes
  • theories of leadership and their implications for leadership practice and development
  • the relationship between leadership and power in social relations
  • the connection between leadership style and team effectiveness
  • the role of leadership in creating and managing change
  • the ethical issues and consequences of leadership action
  • the process of leadership development