Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Lakewood Event 2023

student emplyees in swimsuits jumping off the dock into the water
group of people sitting on stairs, with sun rays shining through in background and person on the right blowing bubbles
people standing in the water with life jackets and boat in water, person in front is holding an oar
person holding a canoe and smiling at the camera, next to the dock next to a lake
two people paddle boarding on a lake, with forest covered mountains in the background
two people facing away from the camera jumping off a dock into a lake
people near lake house

Leadership 101 Community Engagement Projects

Nooksack River Restoration

person with hands spread, thumbs next to ears, sticking their tongue out, while someone behind them holds a shovel over the person's head
Students share smiles while picking up trash at Maritime Heritage Park during Earth Day
People standing around table in front of an off fountain, while one person standing on the edge of the fountain and holds a poster over their head
two people squatting near a hole in the dirt ground, one has an open mouth and is doing a thumbs up and the other is smiling
group of people standing behind tri-fold poster and smiling
person in the woods, wearing gloves, holding something and looking down at it, showing the camera
Three people digging in the ferns and dirt with shovels, on the side of a hill

"We planned and executed a cleanup in Maritime Heritage Park around Whatcom creek...We had about 30 attendees and cleaned up 12+ five-gallon buckets and a half-dozen large trash bags of waste and recycling with some other miscellaneous objects such as clothes and two bike frames. We were also lucky enough to see the Salmon traveling upstream, though one didn’t make it very far, being caught by a large seal before our eyes. It was special seeing such an important species that would directly benefit from our actions."

Nooksack River Restoration CEP Fall 2023

From the NRR Legacy Document

Menstrual Health

People cstanding near table decorated with red tableclothe and posters, and chalk drawing on brick ground
person jumping, withan open mouthed smile, holding a poster that says "are you a menstrual master?"
person squatting and smiling infront of table while holding a red paper heart in front of them, next to a pink sign that reads 'are you a menstrual master?'
Person smiling and holding informational poster next to table with posters on it

Trans Advocacy

two students sitting on the floor using paint to decorate a poster
two students sitting on the floor of a classroom decorating a poster
students sitting at tables in a classroom working on art projects
two students standing on either side of a table, decorated with a poster

"We made $158 from the drag shows. During the first drag show $92 was made, and during the second drag show $66 was made. ... overall from tabling we raised a total of $2341 (not including drag show money)."

Trans Advocacy CEP Winter 22-23

Mental Health

three people standing and speaking into microphone, one is holding a phone sideways and looking at the phone
close up of stick notes with handwritten notes written on them, the one in the center says 'you need to fail to get better, keep going beautiful'
notebooks decorated with mental health designs on the cover with pens around the notebooks
person with a hat and hood on about to eat an apple off of a tree
table with posters, one says 'free hot cocoa + tea packets' and the other says 'mental health advocacy, geocaching!'
person holding guitar standing next to a microphone
multiple people standing and siting around table, mostly covered in various colored sticky notes that the people are writing on

Project Showcase Fall 2023

group of students  smiling and making funny faces at the camera
two students smiling, close to the camera
two people standing at podium, one is speaking into a microphone while smiling the other person pointing at themselves, the large screen in the background says  'Trans Advocacy'
two students holding up tshirts and smiling at the camera
group of students sitting at and standing next to table, food is on the table and one person is holding a plate of food and a cup
group of people standing near each other, talking, the two poeple closest to the camera are facing away from the camera, towards the group
students grabbing food and putting them on paper plates, from a  long table with black table clothe and multiple different dishes
two people smiling at the camera
two people standing behind podium, one is speaking into the microphone, the other is smiling while glancing downwards

Mongolia Study Abroad

person sitting on the back of a horse
one hut-like white building in a field with horse behind it
group of people holding and looking at an open book
white hut with open door in a green field
person bowing and handing book to another person
person sitting in a Budhha-shaped cut out of a statue
person sitting in chair with legs crossed and hands on knees, talking to someone out of frame
person preparing to shoot an arrow with a bow
two people on horseback smiling at the camera and holding open their jackets to show a WWU t-shirt
prayer wheels
people sitting at a table, some are writing on notepads and some are looking at their comupter
large buddha statue in temple, picture taken upwards from feet
group fo people standing together and smiling at camera

ILA Conference in Vancouver, CA

student employees posing in front of conference sign
members of conference watch as a woman in traditional indigenous clothing speaks at a podium
student employees and holly standing lined up next to each other posing in front of a fountain
two students eating hot dogs, while it is dark and they are outside


Tukwila 2023 Alumni Event

people sitting at table at restaurant, smiling at the camera
people sitting around table at restaurant booth, smiling