Nonprofit Board Mentoring Program

The Nonprofit Board Mentoring Program is aimed at providing students with the experience of participating on a board of directors for a local non-profit organization.

This involvement will provide:

  • opportunities to get involved and make a difference in the local community,
  • increased leadership development skills,
  • learn about the challenges in leading nonprofit organizations
  • knowledge of the importance of fiduciary (i.e., financial) responsibilities,
  • experience working in large and small groups.

Your participation on a nonprofit board helps the Board of Directors:

  • to diversify the perspectives and voices participating on the board
  • to bridge generational gaps
  • infuse information and talent with skills sets which students are adept

Student Participation Requirements:

  • Participate as a volunteer to build your resume or earn 1 credit per quarter (credits can count toward the LDST minor or for WWU upper division credit).
    • If participating for credit, students must complete an application for LDST 341 Practicum in Leadership.
  • Must be at least Sophomore class standing.
  • Willing to commit to serving on the board for a minimum of 6-9 months.  (You can participate for up to 1 year as an ad hoc, non-voting member of the Board of Directors for a local nonprofit).
  • This program is self-designed, and self-paced.  It is the student and participating organizations responsibility to agree upon the participation terms.
  • Attend a mandatory orientation meeting with the Morse Leadership Institute
  • Students are encouraged, but non required, to enroll in any of the following classes prior to or while engaging in this program.
    • LDST 416: Leadership in Nonprofits
    • LDST 416: Social Change in Communities
    • HSP 435 


  1. Contact the nonprofit organization(s) you are interested in working with to apply (max 3, see list below), and follow their application process (likely to require an application and résumé.  Be prepared to interview with these organizations as you would for any job. Organizations will contact you with their decision. Students can only accept one board membership and must convey their decision to the nonprofit and Morse Leadership Institute.
  2. Upon selection by an organization, complete the following:
  3. Please read the Board Mentoring Program FAQs

Participating Organizations

Organization Application or Contact Status (open or filled)
American Red Cross 360-733-3290 open
Bellingham Childcare and Learning Center BCLC Board Application open
Brigid Collins Brigid Collins Board Application open
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services open
Max Higbee Center Max Higbee Center Application open
Lydia Place Lydia Place Board Application open
Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association NSEA Board Application open
Whatcom County Library Foundation WCLF Board Application open
Whatcom Literacy Council WLC Board Application open
Bellingham Chamber of Commerce open
Bellingham Opportunity Council open

For nonprofit organizations who are participating or want to participate:

Please contact the Morse Leadership Institute at for more information.