Creating Leaders for Change.

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The Morse Leadership Institute’s mission is to develop student leaders who can work collaboratively and inclusively with others by honoring diverse leadership values, styles, and perspectives, which can result in more equitable solutions and communities.

Objectives & Goals

The Morse Leadership Institute provides a variety of support mechanisms and opportunities for students across Western’s campus to develop as leaders. These include a broad spectrum of leadership studies courses, applied and global leadership opportunities, community engagement, peer and professional mentoring, support for students’ participation in academic conferences and professional development opportunities, and campus events and programs.

The Institute supports campus partners who provide curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular opportunities aimed at student leadership learning so that all WWU students can engage in their desired social and professional change efforts. While the Institute provides a minor in Leadership Studies, students from any department or program on campus may take many courses offered by the Institute.

LDST 341

Flyer describing what LDST 341 entails.


Flyer describing what LDST 397A entails.