Internship in Applied Leadership

Internship in Applied Leadership

A Practicum in Applied Leadership is a great way to gain valuable work experience while also earning credit towards your Leadership Studies Minor! Practicum or “mini-internships” allow students to gain relevant knowledge and skills while also establishing important networking connections.

There are 2 options for completing a Practicum in Applied Leadership: a traditional practicum or “mini-internship” call LDST 341A, and participation in the Board Mentoring Program for which you can earn LDST 341B credit, which is 1 credit per quarter, for each quarter you want to earn the credit. Learn more about the Board Mentoring Program.

LDST 341A: Practicum in Applied Leadership

You may earn up to 6 total credits, with credit distribution based on the number of hours worked per week for the quarter. 4 of those earned credits may be applied towards your Leadership Studies Minor. This course is restricted to students with Sophomore, Junior or Senior status, you must be a declared LDST minor and Instructor Permission is required.

How do I register for LDST 341A, Practicum in Applied Leadership?

After you have been approved by both the Leadership Institute’s Faculty Advisor and the organization offering the mini-internship:

For questions, contact the Leadership Studies Office at 360-650-4000 or