LeaderCorps is an exciting opportunity for young leaders of all kinds to develop their teaching, training and leadership skills by designing and teaching leadership workshops for student organizations on our campus. LeaderCorps aims to provide high-quality peer leadership education for the development of student leaders at WWU by developing and presenting adult learning modules covering a wide variety of leadership topics. LeaderCorps also strives to provide excellent training for all members and a cooperative atmosphere where students’ leadership identities can grow and prosper. No matter where you work, volunteer, or play on campus, you will be able to contribute your new skills anywhere.

Benefits include:

  • Developing leadership through teaching others
  • Hands-on experience teaching student leaders on campus
  • Developing the skills to teach and train adult learners
  • Making a greater contribution to your favorite club, organization, or work place
  • Learning about your personal leadership style more deeply and fully
  • Earning course credits in leadership

How to Join

The LeaderCorps program is meant to support an ongoing group of students as they teach and develop. There are two ways to join the team:

  1. You are able to earn credit with LeaderCorps by taking LDST 341 Practicum in Applied Leadership to use what you learned to help develop your peers.
  2. Volunteer or intern with LEADS. This option works great for those who don’t have space for extra credits but are still interested in helping others. Contact wlaleads@wwu.edu to get more information.

For more information, please visit the LeaderCorps website.